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Startups grow faster with Refokus

We leverage a globally diverse team, emerging technologies and industry best practices to empower stratup growth.

Positon as a leading brand

We create brands that make an impact, engage their target groups, and ultimately become market leaders.

Drive innovation and growth

We equip innovative companies with innovative websites, that empowers your marketing efforts to scale as fast as your business.

Free up engineering resources

We give control of the website back to your marketing team, and let your engineering team focus on your product.


Combined valuation of the startups we worked with in the last 2 years

We partnered with tech startup Summon to create a new website that builds excitement for their brand and launches their product.

"Refokus has done a great job taking the project from idea to pixel-perfect completion in Webflow. They really dug in to fully understand our product and vision and brought in some super talented designers and developers to create the final solution. Their project managers were really on top of things to keep the project running smoothly."

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Jasper Platz
Co-Founder & CEO

We've partnered with Starred, a candidate analytics platform trusted by industry leaders, to redefine their brand direction with a new website that explains their B2B product with a personal and human touch.

"I had an amazing experience working with Refokus. They were the perfect party to help us with a translating our brand story to a new and improved visual identity and well functioning website. Moreover, our website works great. We have the tools in our own hands to continue building on what they delivered and performance has significantly increased too."

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Jasper Hissink
Head of Marketing